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19th Sep 2015

Convenience is the Best Gift

IMG_0851 (Medium)A husband borrowing his wife’s car for the day decided that their new biking hobby would be even more fun if they could explore new places. He stopped by Rack N Road, we threw on some Yakima FrontLoaders, and he was off to surprise his wife with some new, easy-to-use bike racks.

One of the quickest and easiest racks to use is the Yakima FrontLoader. It takes less than 5 minutes, no tools required, to attach the FrontLoader on your vehicle’s crossbars. Once that’s on, putting your bike on the rack is just as simple. Lift the bike on to the rack and the rear arm lifts up to pinch the front tire, and a ratcheting strap at the rear of the rack secures the back tire.

Yakima FrontLoader 8002103

The FrontLoader is compatible with round, square, aerodynamic factory or aftermarket crossbars, and is fully locking (locks sold separately) to ensure your bike and bike rack remain on your vehicle. It is compatible with a wide variety of bike shapes and sizes, 20″ – 29″ wheel bases and 3″ wide tires, and protects carbon fiber or fancy paint jobs by holding onto the tires – not the frame. Similar bike racks with the same functions and style often price at $190 – $200, making the FrontLoader a high quality but lower price solution.

For more information on a similar bike rack, Yakima HighRoller, check out one of our earlier blogs: “Wheel On? No Problem! The #1 Selling Bike Roof Rack of the Summer.”

12th Aug 2015

Wheel on? No problem! The #1 Selling Bike Roof Rack of the Summer.

The Yakima Highroller!

The Yakima Highroller!

We see it all here.  We have lots of experience with road trips and we know that carrying your bike can be a pain.  We know that there is nothing worse than struggling to get your bike home after a long day of riding.

Enter the Highroller (8002107) by Yakima.
When it comes to top-of-the-car bike racks, this is one of the best!  Yakima boasts that, “It’s capable of securing anything from your biggest freeride bike to your super sleek road bike without having to remove any wheels.”  We can vouch for that and wholeheartedly stand by this rack.

The reason the Highroller is so popular is because of its versatility.  There is no reason to buy multiple racks for your different style bikes when something like the Highroller can do it all.  It is very popular with our mountain bikers and can accommodate their bigger tires: up to 29″ tall x 3″ wide.  Perfect for after a long day on the trail!

Works for Mountain, Road, or kids bikes!

It is also versatile enough for road bikers and even kids bikes: fits tires as small as 20″.  But the best part is that it does all this while keeping the tire on!  That’s right!  No more removing the tire or switching out racks for your different bikes…the Highroller can do it all.  You can see it here: http://www.racknroad.com/product/yakima-highroller-black.html

Works for Mountain, Road, or kids bikes!