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Rack N Road 2018 International Sportsmen’s Expo Booth

24th Jan 2018

2018 International Sportsmen’s Expo

This year’s International Sportsmen’s Expo was in Sacramento, Jan 18-21, Rack N Road partnered with Freespirit Recreation for a booth to showcase their High Country roof top tent, and Overlander Trailer. Their roof top tents are easy to use and can be mounted to many different applications, whether it be on a trailer or vehicle roof rack. The Overlander trailer is great for taking off road and provides 45 cubic feet of storage space. In addition to these, Freespirit also has the Readylight solar powered light. This is the perfect light for any situation, it features four mini light pods and the main + mini pod lights have a high and low feature. The mini pods can also be used as flashlights and emergency beacons. Each mini pod has USB charging capabilities, a strong magnet, and hideaway hook feature and can last 5+ hours.

Freespirit Recreation High Country roof top tent Overlander Trailer

A few other products brought to show were the Kuat NV 2.0 hitch mounted bike rack and the Sherpa 2.0 hitch mounted bike rack. Nebo Tools also helped us out by providing us with some of their popular flashlights to sell.  Another light option we had on display to sell was the MPowerd Luci Lights. These are inflatable AND solar powered lights. Once they are inflated, they act as lanterns for any camping, fishing or hunting trip, and can pretty much be used anywhere since they are lightweight, small and easy to pack with your essentials.

Rack N Road 2018 International Sportsmen’s Expo

Last but not least, we had the Weigh Safe adjustable ball mounts for sale. These are tow ball mounts with a built-in weigh scale to help you tow safely. It lets you know that you are within your capacity for the tongue weight on your trailer.

Corebar Pic #1

11th Aug 2016

New Yakima Racks – The StreamLine System

Jetstream photo #1JetStream

Rack N Road is proud to introduce and be part of the new Yakima StreamLine system. The new JetSteam uses the JetFlow system, an ultra-high performance aluminum teardrop shape that is not only strong but also quiet and aerodynamic. To ensure a quiet drive on those long road trips, these bars include a WindRidge spec designed to minimize drag and wind noise. The JetStream comes with a T-slot that allows gear to be easily and snugly secured to the bars, further reducing wind noise. Lastly, Yakima increased the weight carrying capacity with added support on the inside of the JetStream, improving the overall strength of the crossbars.


Corebar Pic #1

While not top of the line like Yakima’s JetStream, the Corebar puts a lot on the table! The Corebar has an unbeatable price for the quality. Priced at $119 for a pair of Corebars, you save $80 over the JetStream. The Corebar’s similar style to the Jestream means that wind noise and drag are comparably quiet. The steel Corebar can even hold 60lbs over the lightweight JetStream, perfect for heavier gear or adding even more weight to a cargo box for a camping trip.

Accessories and Installation

Now, whats great about both sets of these bars is what can be put up on them! Being a Yakima product there are plenty of attachments that these bars can hold whether that be a kayak rack, winter racks, a bike rack or even cargo carriers. The Corebar and the Jetstream allow a ton of flexibility and will not limit your choice of accessories.

Be sure to also ask us about our custom installation if you want a permanent rack solution. We would be more than happy to walk you through the perks and benefits of having a rack that is put on landing pads instead of a temporary clip in system through the doors. Most of our locations have these custom mounts on hand, ready for a quick installation to get you on the road for that end of summer vacation.

Find your closest store here and call ahead to check out the StreamLine systems!


31st Mar 2016

Yakima’s new StreamLine Rack Mounts have arrived!

It’s taken some time, but the new Yakima roof rack system has finally come. We are proud to introduce the new Yakima StreamLine system to the Rack N Road lineup. Besides being the newest racks to date, the StreamLine system will change the way people think about Yakima roof racks.

Yakima TumberlineTimberline:

To start, Yakima changed their old RailGrab system, which was unfortunately out of date and inadequate in comparison to the Thule system. Yakima put their heads together and decided in order to get a better raised rail system, they needed to introduce something new and different. That’s where the new Timberline system came into play. The stronger Timberline system has a durable stainless steel strap to accommodate to a wide range of side rail shapes. Not only does the Timberline attach to most raised rails, but it also can accommodate to Jetstream and Corebars. With a load rating of 165lbs, you can be sure the Timberline system is the best fit for your raised rails.

Yakima RidgelineRidgeLine:

Don’t have any raised side rails, but still have something on the top of the roof? In most cases, you most likely own flush rails. The Timberline series wont accommodate your vehicle, but you can take a look at Yakima’s new RidgeLine Towers, specifically designed to grab onto flush rails. The brand new RidgeLine Towers have a more advanced, stronger, and quieter design than the previous RailGrab system. Requiring separate RidgeClips to easily install to your specific vehicle, the RidgeLine works with the Jetstream and Corebars to create a streamlined style that aligns with the overall aerodynamic look of the factory flush rails.


Last but not least: the Yakima BaseLine series. Designed by Yakima to mount to vehicles with nothing on the top, the Baseline is perfect for those who once believed a roof rack wasn’t possible on small hatchbacks, sedans, or most other bare roof vehicles.Yakima BaseLine

With separate BaseClips made for your specific vehicle, the BaseLine series can adjust and morph to most roof shapes. At 165lb load capacity, it gives you that  sleek, secure, load-it-up fit that you’ve been acing to have. The system itself is vastly better and more secure than the old Q Tower system, and is something anyone with a bare roof should take a look at. As with the other systems, the Yakima BaseLine allows you to use the JetStream bars or the Corebars.

Extra Tips:

The StreamLine series lacks in one regard, if you already have Yakima round bars, the new towers require a separate adapter to use them. However if you would like to upgrade to the new high end JetStream or the more affordable (yet still great looking) CoreBars, bring in your old round crossbars to Rack N Road and we’ll trade them in to reduce the cost of your purchase. All in all, if you need a roof rack system, the StreamLine series will blow you away. If you have any questions about fit, price, or extra gear you want to carry on top of your new rack, don’t hesitate to get in contact with any of our 7 store locations. We would be more than happy to help you choose the right rack for your vehicle!

4th Mar 2016

This Cooler is Unbreakable!

Looking to get a cooler soon? Want a top of the line product that goes above and beyond everything you expect out of a cooler? Look no further because the Yeti Cooler is your ideal choice!

Yeti Tundra #1

Besides being virtually indestructible and grizzly proof, the Yeti has plenty to offer that nobody else can compete with. A few of these benefits are the permafrost insulation technology integrated in the cooler, which allows all Yeti coolers to stay cool, which is kinda the point of a “cooler.” So, once your drinks go inside the cooler they will always have that nice cold touch. Yeti coolers also have bearfoot non-slip feet. Plenty of people have issues with their cooler staying put on certain surfaces. Of course it’s convenient to put your cooler on the ground, but what happens when space is limited and you need to put you cooler on a surface that isn’t stable, or slippery? That’s where the Yeti feet come into play, not only will your cooler not budge, but it also gives you the ability to place it on a surface that was once too precarious.

Don’t worry about handles wearing out over time and snapping due to heavy loads anymore. The handles are made of military-grade polyester rope, it’s almost impossible to break them. Gone are the days of having to hold your ice chest from the bottom or pushing it on the ground because your handles are broken or too hot. Yeti Coolers also have a convenient Vortex drain system, allowing you to quickly get rid of that excess liquid.

Yeti offers a lot of choices when it comes to finding the right cooler for the right job. The most in-demand cooler would have to be the Tundra, which comes in their 35 series (28 cans of beer or 28lbs of ice) and goes all the way up to their 350 (220 cans of beer or 329lbs of ice). The Tundra series has the most variety and the most applications across the board, whether it be for camping, fishing, hunting, or just a BBQ. Most of the Tundra series comes in standard white in color or you can go with their sky blue or tan.

However,Hopper Yeti Photo if a standard cooler isn’t something your looking for at the moment then why not take a look at some of Yeti’s other options? The Yeti Hopper is a great portable, small solution. The Hopper is a on-the-go cooler which you can carry over your shoulder. A Hydro-lock zipper keeps everything inside the and ensures that all you drinks and snacks stay cool to the touch – and keep any liquid from leaking out.

If you have a chance, check out Yeti’s website and all their other cool products like the Yeti Ice or the Yeti Rambler. At Rack N Road we are thrilled with Yeti and stand by them, but if you want a second opinion check out the insane amount of 5-star reviews each product receives on their website. Give your local Rack N Road a call to see if they have a Yeti on hand or if we can get one quickly for that last minute summer vacation. Trust us when we say there is nobody out there that can beat Yeti as an outdoor camping accessory!

9th Dec 2015

Our top 3 Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

The Holiday season is in full swing right now, and we at Rack N Road want to help it go as smoothly as possible. We know finding gifts for adventure seekers can be a tough task, getting them the right gift for the right price can be daunting. That’s where we want to help. Here are a few holiday gift ideas for those adventure seekers in your family that will be sure to make them happy.

1) Thule- Universal Pull Top

This Thule product might be the best Ski rack on the market. Not only can you carry up to 4 snowboards and 6 pairs of skis, it also comes with Speedlink hardware, allowing you to install your ski rack quickly, easily, and securely (the Pull Top is fully locking for your peace of mind).  The oversized buttons are easy to push open, even with the most finger restricting gloves.

92726 Univseral Pull TopWhat really sets this ski rack apart from the competition is the telescoping arms, they allow you to pull the entire clamping mechanism away from the roof – no need to scramble over your car to reach all your gear. The Universal Pull Top is a higher priced ski rack, but Thule’s durable and convenient design will make this a gift well used and well loved. Priced at $249.95, keep in mind Rack N Road also tries to guarantee lowest price and everyone is encouraged to call their local store to check if we can price match for you.

2)  Yakima SkyBox Pro 16

Skybox Pro 16

Know somebody who has a lot of gear and usually ends up just throwing the whole mess in the back of the car? Well, a simpler and more convenient solution to that chaos would be storing it all in a cargo box. Not only will the SkyBox Pro 16 provide you with the space you want/need, but it also has a sleek aerodynamic look which will reduce drag and noise. The Skybox Pro 16 opens on each side of the box, so you don’t have to always load or unload your gear on one side of the vehicle. Available in the sleek gray Titanium, or a glossy black Onyx, the Skybox Pro 16 is available for $599.00. Especially for larger sized items like a cargo box, it’s always a good idea to email or call a Rack N Road to check if we have the size and color you want!

Pro tip: Knowing the year, make, model, and body style of the vehicle you want to put a cargo box on can make all the difference! If you plan on gifting a cargo box, learn the size of the vehicle and if it already has a roof rack system, then ask a Rack N Road Outfitter for the perfect sized box to go along with it.

3) Yeti Rambler Lowball

Yeti Lowball

Want something simple to give your adventure seeker? Look no further because this is the perfect gift for anyone! The new Yeti Rambler Lowball is a life changing drinking companion, at the the top of the slopes or around the campfire. Yeti products have an active cult following; people love the Lowball because of the double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps your hot drinks steaming and your cold drinks icy for significantly longer than any other thermos. The stainless steel won’t suffer any wear and tear, the No Sweat Design keeps your hands dry and comfy. We know it may not look as fancy as a new cargo box or ski rack, but for those that like a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning, you cant go wrong with the Lowball.

The Yeti Rambler Lowball sells for $24.99, with lids sold separately for $4.99. This item sells fast so give us a call to reserve yours today!


We’re hoping for a snowy winter this year, these gifts are ideal for the upcoming cold weather for your loved ones (and if you want to treat yourself in the meantime, we won’t judge). For any questions or concerns, go ahead and contact one of our store locations or our tech center and our employees would be more than happy to point you in the right direction! Remember we try to guarantee lowest price on not only these gifts, but all our items, to make sure you get the best savings this season.

20th Oct 2015

Our favorite Ski Rack!

FatCAT 6 imageWith winter not so far away, we at Rack N Road thought it would be a good idea to help narrow down your ski rack choices. Currently the Yakima FatCat is our favorite because not only is it extremely easy to use, but it’s also one of the most stylish ski racks out there.

The FatCat allows you to carry 4 or 6 skis, depending on the size you invest in. Of course it’s not only limited to skis, you can also carry 2 – 4 snowboards as well, and mix and match when necessary. Another great attribute to the FatCat is it not only allows people to use it on the Yakima round-bar, but they are also compatible with factory or other aftermarket aerodynamic bars.

Instead of cramming your snow gear into the car and sprawling it across seats, carry it across the roof to keep your passengers comfy and your vehicle clean. The FatCat 6 has a large red button, easy to open even with the puffiest and most paralyzing pair of gloves. You can also lock your skis to the FatCat, and lock your FatCat to your vehicle, ensuring your gear stays where it belongs. So, for your next trip up to the mountains, don’t forget to try out the Yakima FatCat and enjoy all the great benefits it has to offer!


19th Sep 2015

Convenience is the Best Gift

IMG_0851 (Medium)A husband borrowing his wife’s car for the day decided that their new biking hobby would be even more fun if they could explore new places. He stopped by Rack N Road, we threw on some Yakima FrontLoaders, and he was off to surprise his wife with some new, easy-to-use bike racks.

One of the quickest and easiest racks to use is the Yakima FrontLoader. It takes less than 5 minutes, no tools required, to attach the FrontLoader on your vehicle’s crossbars. Once that’s on, putting your bike on the rack is just as simple. Lift the bike on to the rack and the rear arm lifts up to pinch the front tire, and a ratcheting strap at the rear of the rack secures the back tire.

Yakima FrontLoader 8002103

The FrontLoader is compatible with round, square, aerodynamic factory or aftermarket crossbars, and is fully locking (locks sold separately) to ensure your bike and bike rack remain on your vehicle. It is compatible with a wide variety of bike shapes and sizes, 20″ – 29″ wheel bases and 3″ wide tires, and protects carbon fiber or fancy paint jobs by holding onto the tires – not the frame. Similar bike racks with the same functions and style often price at $190 – $200, making the FrontLoader a high quality but lower price solution.

For more information on a similar bike rack, Yakima HighRoller, check out one of our earlier blogs: “Wheel On? No Problem! The #1 Selling Bike Roof Rack of the Summer.”

8th Sep 2015

Small Car + Big Kayak = No Problem!

As gas prices go up, cars have become smaller.  Protecting the environment (and your wallet) is the right thing to do, but it can make carrying your 15′ kayak a challenge…but have no fear, we have the best solution for you.
It all starts with a good base rack system and a kayak carrier.  There are several types that will work including J-cradles, saddles, or rollers.  All of these systems will work great for carrying one (or more) kayaks on your smaller ride.

J-cradles work great for carrying multiple kayaks since you can carry them on their side.  The Thule Hull-a-port Aero or the Yakima J-low are some of the best; they have universal mounting hardware and fold down when not in use.

Hull-a-Port Aero

Saddles work great for carrying your kayak when it is flat on the roof.  They are also a bit easier to load and unload. Front cradles are rear cradles are often sold separately so you can mix and match styles for easier loading. They can handle kayaks that are longer, heavier, and wider than the J-cradles, but they limit the amount of usable space on your crossbars. Smaller vehicles can carry one, maybe two kayaks with the cradle style, depending on crossbar length.

Yakima Mako Saddles 8004037

A Mako Saddle set

Mako Saddles in front, paired with rollers in the back

Saddles work great for carrying your kayak when it is flat on the roof.  They are also a bit easier to load and unload. Front cradles are rear cradles are often sold separately so you can mix and match styles for easier loading. They can handle kayaks that are longer, heavier, and wider than the J-cradles, but they limit the amount of usable space on your crossbars. Smaller vehicles can carry one, maybe two kayaks with the cradle style, depending on crossbar length.

Rollers can make loading and unloading a breeze… without scratching up your car. Use them to smoothly roll the kayak from the rear of your vehicle to the front saddle with minimal effort. The Yakima SweetRoll is a complete kayak carrying set, with saddles in front and integrated rollers in the rear. This is especially useful for heavy and long kayaks, or vehicles with high roofs.

Yakima SweetRoll 8004074

Close up of a rear roller of a SweetRoll, illustrating the adaptability to fit most kayak shapes.

Yakima SweetRoll

Full Yakima SweetRoll set

Thule Quick Loop #530Thule Quick Loop #530

But, the most important thing to remember is that you also need some tie-downs.  It is imperative that you tie down the front and back of your kayak to ensure your kayak is secured and safely installed on your vehicle. There are several ways to attach bow/stern tie downs, one of the easiest is to use the Thule Quick Loop.  It installs by closing the hood or trunk over the anchors, providing a safe and secure tie-down spot for your kayaks.

28th Aug 2015

The Top 3 Bike Racks of the Summer

It has been a hot summer so far and we have seen lots of families and adventurers come through our stores, looking for the best bike rack they can for the best price.  We  have found that each family or individual has a wide variety of needs based on their activities and frequency of use, and we’re happy to help.  Below we discuss the three top selling hitch mounted racks of the summer.  And remember, we can guarantee lowest price on any of these:

The Kuat NV

The NV retails for $549 and can be seen here:

The good folks from Springfield Missouri can make an awesome rack!  It has some of the same features as the popular Thule T2 and the Yakima Holdup (ratcheting arm and integrated cable lock) but the NV’s unique features help it outrun the competition.  For example, it comes in two cool color selection: black and chrome or smoke and orange.  It also has a built-in repair stand for pre-ride prep or post-ride cleanup and as they describe, “it is a fully loaded stunner.”

Thule T2 916XTR

916_sized_900x600The T2 retails for $449 and can be seen here:

The Thule T2 is probably the most cost efficient and most reliable tray style bike rack currently on the market, explaining why so many bikers prefer it. Besides offering a integrated cable lock that secures the bike without making frame contact, it also has a reinforced tray that provides maximum strength and rust-free protection. Overall, the Thule T2 is the best at getting the job done at an affordable price.

Yakima HoldUp

The HoldUp retails for $449 and can be seen here:

Both Kuat and Thule have great tray style racks, but sometimes getting the darn bike on these trays can drive a person crazy! Enter the HoldUp. This is where the Yakima platform style rack shines. In 10 seconds or less a person can have their bike up and ready to go on their next adventure. It also has the same features as the competitors, including a mast that folds up and into itself when not in use, and can tilt down for rear-of-vehicle access, and integrated locks.

Tray style hitch racks are great options if you are looking for convenience and style. They are especially useful for unusually shaped bikes or bikes you’d prefer to avoid frame contact. All of the above racks can also be extended to carry 4 bikes, although only on a 2″ hitch. If your vehicle is lower to the ground, you might consider an upright rack as the tray style does hang low loaded with bikes.

18th Aug 2015

How to Carry Multiple SUP’s

Stand-Up Paddle boarding is fast becoming the new way to travel on the water. While people love the versatility and freedom a SUP board has to offer, there are still questions over how to put the SUP board on a vehicle. Every day customers come in to the store and ask how to put not just one, but multiple SUP’s on their vehicle. Luckily for them, we always have a solution here!

Yakima and Thule, our two most popular brands, both have great solutions for how to carry multiple boards on your vehicle.

Holds up to two 36" wide boards.


First, we have the SUPDawg by Yakima which
holds up to two 36″ wide boards. The SUPDawg is a popular solution to carrying boards because of the soft rubber padding and cradles, which in our opinion sets it aside from the competition. Unlike other SUP carriers, this one is the best at protecting the board from wear and tear that might occur with other racks.  By coming pre-assembled out of the box you are able to slap this system right on your rack in a matter of minutes, allowing you to hit the water as fast as possible! Often, people find the straps to secure the board often tuck away easier than other SUP carriers too. If carrying multiple SUP boards is a priority, then look no further because the SUPDawg has everything you need to carry two 36″ boards.


Now onto the competition. While the Yakima SUPDawg has perks, so too does the Thule SUP Taxi. Besides being one of the best SUP roof racks on the market it also provides one of the best features that Yakima can’t boast: security. Although the SUPDawg does lock the boards to the vehicle, Thule 810XT has a steel reinforced cable integrated into the band that gets locked into place over the boards, so you can breathe easy leaving boards on top of your car. Another important feature is the telescoping base that allows for the best fit, carrying boards up to 34″ wide. Depending on your board shape, some people prefer the curved cushioned fit the SUP Taxi provides, or the flat adaptable shape of the SUPDawg.

Both options allow you to carry two SUP boards, fit to almost all roof rack crossbar shapes, and are a great summer solution for your next trip to the water.