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Ask and Learn

Sac-Manager.jpgI’m John Bauer, co-owner, master trainer, and user of everything we offer. As the head of "Ask and Learn" it is my personal responsibility to ensure your questions are answered within 24 hours by myself or one of our most senior and experienced installer and product experts.

Since we opened our first store in 1991, (that would be 19 years ago) I was given the nickname “Rack Boy”. Anyways, I am now 42 and a little heavier around the mid-section, knees hurt, back hurts, ego is a little bruised but I still try to mountain bike, kayak and snowboard. I have slowly transitioned into motor sports. I try to break away with the family and friends to do a little wakeboarding, water skiing, dirt bike riding and occasionally jump on a snowmobile. I guess you can say that I’m the kid that never wants to grow up. Maybe I shouldn't update my nickname to "Rack Man" after all!

Simply put I love what I do. From answering your toughest questions to bringing in new and exciting products, to giving training clinics to our 66 employees that are scattered throughout outdoor cities in the Western US.

Between our 8 stores, my brother and myself, we have over 100 years of product knowledge combined. We are not a sporting goods shop selling car racks, we are the oldest rack shop that specializes in finding our customers racks. We have evolved into the hitch and sport trailer market and have always focused on organizing your load carrying gear from the inside to the outside of your vehicle for that next road trip.


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