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The Tailored Fit


Introducing the Tailored Fit       store locator Store-Locator-image.jpg 


What is the Tailored Fit?

Sometimes an 'out of the box' solution just won't cut it. At Rack N Road, all stores have Master Technicians on staff that will create and install your perfect custom solution. 
Below are a just a few examples of why our Tailored Fit Program is a great choice. Your car will thank you!


No official fit from Yakima or Thule

Case & point

The new Chevy Sonic 5dr has no approved Thule or Yakima fit.   With the addition of a custom track system, the Sonic is now able to use a full Thule, Yakima, or any other brand roof rack with a lifetime warranty.





Authorized fit but won't carry what you want

Case & point

Any model & year Toyota Prius. Our custom tracks and bases allow for almost 12” more crossbar spread than the clip on method, allowing our customers to carry long boats or cargo boxes more safely, and completely protected under warranty.





Authorized fit but the fit does not  appeal to you or your car

Case & point

New Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 or New Dodge Durango (just to name a couple).  Thule and Yakima only offer fits to clip into the door.  These cars have factory mounting points in the roof, however, which we can modify tracks to fit.  This looks better, has more weight capacity, and allows for longer loads to be safely carried with minimal windshield overhang or gas mileage impact.







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